Variations: the constant newness of the improvisational process

Since it seemed to intrigue people, I wanted to briefly post about the poetry component of the Title: TBD piece.  We’d blogged previously about the improvisational nature of our collaboration, but I think that’s easier to conceptualize in terms of movement for some people.  A number of artists and audience members were surprised to hear the the erasure poetry was also improvised for each performance.

So I thought it might be interesting to make available three different erasure poems created over the course of dress and tech rehearsals for the first performance of Intersections. You’ll certainly see similarities, but each time I tried to forget the previous process and just cross out what “felt right” in the moment. The final image is the erasure or “black out” poem that resulted from the final performance. I’m hoping, sometime in the next week, to blog more in depth about this process on my own blog.

The source poem, for the curious, is the final three stanzas of an original poem titled “Beautiful Fools” and can be heard in its entirety in a recording of Studio Knights, an Arlington Community Media television station program.  (The poem begins at about 8:50, but please do listen to the other poets–there was a lot of great work in that project too!)

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 1.53.28 PM  Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 1.51.15 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 1.52.11 PM

Video Mapping (projection mapping)

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 4.55.40 PM photo by Caitlyn Pozerski from last Friday before the first showing of Intersections ~

Caitlyn has been working with projection mapping for around a year and a half using a program called madmapper to create a layout for the videos to live in. The first map joined with the architecture of Pozen, this image is how the video is mapped with a checkerboard to see edges clearly.

The Dance Complex will be completely different and may hold some challenges, non the less we are excited for what will become of Arches on Sunday!!!

Halfway There…

ReadingChatIMG_0252 IMG_0255IMG_0256

One performance down, one to go. I wanted to share the image from our Google Chat just to remind us of just how far we have come since November! The crazy winter weather had us meeting remotely at times, and yet somehow it all came together. Last night was SO FUN!!! We had a terrific turn out, and it was fantastic to see the work from Arches and TBD! With sincere gratitude to everyone, especially Kelsey, for bringing us all together. (Thanks George for the photos from last night!)

Arches ~ Collab Progress

Caitlyn Pozerski & Jenny Proscia have been hard at work on their video/poetry collab with Holly Thompson. What kinds of changes do we go through while passing over a bridge? Going under an arch? Connecting to another human being?How does time pass? These rhetorics have been kept closely in the mind of Caitlyn and Jenny to inform their video. The final form of the video will be a large scale projection mapped onto a wall. The two are currently in the final stages of producing their visual collaboration and anxious to share with the rest of their co-collaborators in all the Intersection groups!

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 9.55.56 PM

Above: (photo taken by Caitlyn Pozerski) An iphone image uploaded to Jenny’s instagram giving some subtle clues to their visions.

The two are excited & do not want to give any too revealing insight that may spoil their work~

Going the Distance: a remote collaboration

What do you do when the spoken word artist is in New Hampshire and the collaborating dance collective is in Boston?
In this century, you use Google video chat and screen sharing and have you have a joint rehearsal anyway.

Trying to collaborate remotely brought its own unique challenges, but the process was fruitful despite the oddness of it all, producing both a semi-finalized score and a title.

A Collaboration in Progress: Last Floor Collective & spoken word artist Erica Charis

In an attempt to create a work that allowed the two mediums to interact with each other, the meetings of the Last Floor Collective and spoken word artist Erica Charis have been highly improvisational.  The framework for those explorations has developed into a pattern of its own: it begins by “tuning.” In this exercise the artists breathe collectively and then transition into a time of pitching, creating tones and listening and responding to one another.  After this, for a set amount of time, Erica reads a more prosaic poem excerpt of her choice, which the dancers then respond to.  As the dancers move, Erica creates a new poem using the “black out” process of eliminating text to reveal a new poem in the words remaining.  The creative process draws to a close at the end of the agreed time with a final reading and period of improvised movement.

This video captures one such iteration. You’ll hear a prose poem by Richard Siken, followed by the “tuning” as the soundtrack to improvised movement. You’ll see the Last Floor Collective solo, pair and move as a group and off to the side, Erica in the process of “blacking out” the Siken poem to create a new piece.  The process will conclude with a final reading of the new original poem and the cessation of movement in a moment of group rest.  

The current goal is to present a piece using this (or similar) framework that is unique to each performance.

Many thanks to Beth Molling for the video capture!

Interactions: in collaboration with the Last Floor Collective from Erica Charis on Vimeo.