This collaboration brought individuals and groups from different creative communities together to work across studio spaces at Mass Art and The Dance Complex. The wealth of creativity, skill, and knowledge brought by members of these communities has informed the process of the work created. Over a few months the artists developed collaborative work leading up to the final sharing with the communities that brought them together.


Thank-you to everyone for attending the sharings of these collaborative creations on March 7th at Mass Art and on March 15th at the Dance Complex! If you missed the shows here is some documentation of the work!



The Reading

Collaborators: Caroline Rufo, Raquel Kober, SaraMarhamo, Rachel Shiloach, Emily Jawadekar,  Iman R. Louis-Jeune, Gyorgy A. Porkolab, Ethan Pravetz, Alice Rufo, Shayne Jones, & Jessie Hansen


Collaborators: Holly Thompson, Caitlyn Pozerski, Jenny Proscia, & Raquel Kober

Title: TBD

Collaborators: Erica Charis, Leslie Armstrong, Molly Hess, Rosevan Vickery, Sofia Engelman, & Laini Szostkowski





Exhibitions sponsored in part by:


Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 7.49.18 PM   DBBD indicia give button


  Studio for Interrelated Media   



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